Green Energy Suppliers in France

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One of the requirements of RT2012 is that all new builds must include a solar-power element. This can mean investing in micro-generation system for your own land or property, choosing a…

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French drain Another good instruction on how to properly make a French drain

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Good video demonstrating stabilising effects of material like this.

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Footings & waterproofing foundation wall

Research a product called  "Fast Foot". More about "Fast Foot" Check out "Dave Osland" Further information about waterproofing foundation wall Document on…

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Earth bag construction in Nepal (seismic resistance)

An interesting article on how earthbag houses stand in Earthquakes proven from Nepal. And

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How to Reinforce a Wood-Framed House in a Seismic Zone

Some info here which gives some info about securing the two floors together under the heading, "Anchoring systems of shear walls." Hold down straps available from here (UK company.)

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RT2012 recommended wood burners

Rika Impera XL efficient euro Rika Imposa 86% efficient5-10kW4380 euro Rika Jazz efficient3.5 to 7 kW4400 euro Rika Twist efficient4-8kW3552 euro Invicta Odysee logsraccordement direct d'un conduit pour l'arrivée d'air frais…

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Messages Sent

24/10/18 - Message sent to via their contact form. I am planning a GREB house and considering how do to the foundations. I am interested in the method you…

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