Floor insulation

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A good video on youtube about how to insulate a floor.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TeVTqylYWKw Insulation a floor ( Poser un plancher isolant thermique) Website to calculate how much 100mm flooring I need.…

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Links for RT2012 compliant wood burners

Useful links for locating RT2012 wood burners Google image search https://www.leroymerlin.fr/v3/p/produits/poele-a-bois-artwood-bbc-gala-8-kw-e1500097653 https://www.leroymerlin.fr/v3/p/produits/poele-a-bois-artwood-bbc-aria-02-8-kw-e1500097638 http://poele.brisach.com/poele/poele-bois-contemporain-litho.htmlCatalogue Our preference is for the Artwood Gala as reviews suggest circular stoves are harder to clean!

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