Another 7×9 Floor Plan

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Here’s another one, this time inspired by the one 6×8 plan I found on the Approche Paille forum.

I like this alot! The main difference is that instead of having a utility room and a separate entrance, the utility becomes a large cupboard within the hall. Also the stairs go into the same space which means they can be shut off from downstairs, reducing the amount of heat that goes up the stairs.

Upstairs works well too: we get three good-sized bedrooms, space for the flue to come up from downstairs, and light through the side window.

There are 8 windows in total. Those on the ground floor would be large french doors (the two on the south face) and a large triple window (trois vantaux) with a window seat to the west.

These plans were drawn with SweetHome 3D – which runs a bit too slowly for 3D mode on my laptop but works just fine on James’s.