A Simple Woodburner or a Boiler Stove?

Someone in a self-build group suggested a boiler stove instead of just a burner requiring separate water heating. The oone they linked to had a heat output of 2kW with 8kW going to the water. That seems low given we’ve been told we need a 10kW stove for m2.

Cost wise they’re not much difference though. Something to consider?

This one, the Stratford EBW12, has a total output for 24kW, of which 6kW goes into the room and 11.8kW into the water.

It has a direct air supply (required by RT2012).


Stratford EBW12 wood boiler stove

Trying to find out why you’d choose a water heating stove and the Centre for Alternative Technology have an article suggesting that it’s not worth it unless you have a super-duper stove such as the Broseley eVolution 26 boiler. With this you get 10kW for heating and 15.8kW for hot water heating. I can’t find a price for it though!