Free building advice

The following are links to free building advice from various manufacturers. We are investigating the use of Rockwool for under the slab insulation and Rockwool provide access to scientists for…

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Choosing the Right Type of Foundation

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Slab vs. vide sanitaire? Discussion here along with info on how to layer with the moisture barrier and insulation. Some other useful articles here: Radiant Heat in a Slab…

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Reaching Out

I got a message back from someone else about an hours drive away building a GREB house with a similar budget to us. They have a new baby so are…

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Questions for Stan

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Foundations Which is best? Slab on grade or vide santaire?What's the best way to insulate slab on grade?How do we ensure the slab of concrete is level? If we decide to…

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Window Specs

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The plan is to spec double-glazing for the RT2012 survey but budget for triple glazing on the basis that it's much nicer to have triple but to meet the spec…

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Another 7×9 Floor Plan

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Here's another one, this time inspired by the one 6x8 plan I found on the Approche Paille forum. I like this alot! The main difference is that instead of having…

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