Sample 8×6 Floor Plan

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By Vincent I found this example of an 8x6 floor plan on the Approche Paille forum. It's someone with a similar budget to use (a bit more than us) working…

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Foundation cement

Just asking for some very rough quotes for the cost of cement at Assuming we have a depth of 60cm (this is only guess work at the moment), we have…

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Choosing Windows

How Many To meet RT2012 we need 1/6 of the floor space of the house to be windows. Our current plan is about 120m2 so that means about 20m2 of…

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House planning, beam and joist length

General links on planning house and building it the house plans guide (also included information on beam length) Another good tutorial on joist and beam span tables A good…

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Roof pitch calculation

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We have been recommended a 33% pitch, this is equivalent to a 18.263 degree pitch (3.96:12) according to this calculator.

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Raised heel trusses

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Article on raise heel trusses can be found here. This is to allow more insulation in the eves. Another link at armchairbuilder Important to read

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Wood cladding of walls cost estimation

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French: revêtement extérieur en boisproduits de bardageposer un bardage extérieur en bois 7m x 9m house = 8m x 10m exterior.Approx 2.4 metre high rooms Approx height of the roof at the apex with…

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