Green Energy Suppliers in France

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One of the requirements of RT2012 is that all new builds must include a solar-power element. This can mean investing in micro-generation system for your own land or property, choosing a low-carbon, low-energy heat source as your main form or energy. But there is also a third option, which is great for those of us who are on tight budgets. That option is to commit to using an energy supplier that obtains at least 50% of their energy from green sources (solar, wind, water, etc.)

So how to find these? 

There’s quite a list in this article here but also this recent article which gives an overview of Greenpeace’s assessment of the main suppliers in France. Looking at the two lists I would think that you could pass RT2012 by signing up for EDF’s green tariff but according to Greenpeace you’re probably being greenwashed and unlikely to be actually buying energy generated from renewable and non-polluting sources.

One of the companies I lik the look of is There’s also, which also has non-capitalist credentials. Enercoop has a similar feel to Green Energy, which is the company we used in the UK and is also a cooperative. 

You might be thinking well, how green is it really to be buying energy from a company, but this recent article from the Centre for Alternative Technology suggests that connecting to the grid is a better solution than going off grid. It’s worth remembering that all technology has an environmental cost. Also, if you are generating energy that you are contributing to the total amount of green energy that is available for sale to others who perhaps don’t have the means to invest in solutions themselves. If green electricity is flowing in, the demand that needs to be met by dirty energy (and in that I include nuclear) is reduced. Which also feeds into this article about how being green has become something we do (and get to feel smug about) on an individual level when really collective action is needed.

There’s more info on packages with suppliers for auto-consommation (self-generation) here

Ilek seem to have a comprehensive calculator on their site, giving info on expected payback times and also taking government grants into account.