Working through RT2012

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These are the headings on the RT2012 form. 

  1. Administratif. This is where the address, owner details, and the cadastre info relating to the plot along with any third-party project management or architects are listed. 
  2. Surfaces. List the Surface S.RT (m²) and the Surface habitable (m²). The Surface S.RT can be calculated later – just put «à calculer» in the field.
  3. Enveloppe. For details about the exterior walls (façades), ground floor
    (plancher bas) and roof space (plancher haut) . This is all about insulation and how you plan to remove any thermal bridges.  Also any internal floors (plancher intermédiaire). If you have any external buildings (garage, etc.) you should also provide details.
  4. Ventilation. Here there is a list of products you can select from. This section assumes that your house is sealed to the outside and that  
    in order to maintain an ambient temperature in your home you will adjust the controls on your ventilation system rather than open a window. With a GREB house we are not sure this is necessary so have said as much on our initial submission. We stand to be corrected! If it is needed, we’ll be interested in the lowest tech, cheapest and least obtrusive system. The choices in this category are: Couple avec ECS (simple flux), Double flux, and Simple flux.
  5. Menuiseries. Windows. For this section it’s necessary to list the makes and the models along with the Uw values, if available. Also the same info for any doors to the exterior (portes d’entrées).
  6. Chauffage principal. This is for your main source(s) of heat. As I understand it a single log burner is permitted as the main heat source up to a maximum floor space of 100m2. If the house is larger than that additional heat sources are required. Because our current plan is 120m2, we’ve spec’d for electric radiators in the upstairs bedroom and in the bathroom. Whether we put them in or not…
  7. Chauffage secondaire. For any secondary heating systems that will be put in place.
  8. Eau chaude sanitaire (ecs). How will you heat your hot water? There are lots of options (Gas, solar, etc.) but we’ve decided on a thermodynamic boiler, which uses heat from the air to warm the water and is said to reduce water heating bills by up to 80%.
  9. Plan de masse. This is the position on the land showing N-S orientation, surrounding boundaries, etc.
  10. Plan de niveau. This is the floor plan.
  11. Plan de coupe. This is for the facades (north, south, east, west).