This is a new blog about our strawbale house build. It’s in the early stages because we haven’t yet found land but we’ve decided to get a head start and have our plans ready so that we don’t have to delay when that illusive piece of land does turn up.

We live in France so are learning all about the building and thermic (RT2012) regulations and are using the GREB technique. In 2020 the regulations change and a more stringent thermal standard, RT2020, more inline with the German passivhaus standard will be introduced. That will put the costs up so we can’t afford to delay. 

Our budget is 100k for the build and the land. 

We’re using this blog for our notes as we go along and will also post summaries of our progress. If you’d like to be kept up-to-date, please Follow the blog or subscribe to the mailing list (coming soon.)

Thank you.

Emma & James