Footings & waterproofing foundation wall

Research a product called  "Fast Foot". More about "Fast Foot" Check out "Dave Osland" Further information about waterproofing foundation wall Document on…

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How to Reinforce a Wood-Framed House in a Seismic Zone

Some info here which gives some info about securing the two floors together under the heading, "Anchoring systems of shear walls." Hold down straps available from here (UK company.)

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Choosing the Right Type of Foundation

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Slab vs. vide sanitaire? Discussion here along with info on how to layer with the moisture barrier and insulation. Some other useful articles here: Radiant Heat in a Slab…

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Foundation cement

Just asking for some very rough quotes for the cost of cement at Assuming we have a depth of 60cm (this is only guess work at the moment), we have…

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Etude de Sol

Links to companies carrying out the Etude de Sol Modern house (Jean Pierre) used this company

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Foundation types and construction

Information on types of foundation & construction 3 main types of foundation Slabe on grade videos Stego wrap featured in this video is $454.50 per roll. A roll is 14ft …

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