Working through RT2012

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These are the headings on the RT2012 form.  Administratif. This is where the address, owner details, and the cadastre info relating to the plot along with any third-party project management…

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Green Energy Suppliers in France

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One of the requirements of RT2012 is that all new builds must include a solar-power element. This can mean investing in micro-generation system for your own land or property, choosing a…

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RT2012 recommended wood burners

Rika Impera XL efficient euro Rika Imposa 86% efficient5-10kW4380 euro Rika Jazz efficient3.5 to 7 kW4400 euro Rika Twist efficient4-8kW3552 euro Invicta Odysee logsraccordement direct d'un conduit pour l'arrivée d'air frais…

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Choosing Windows

How Many To meet RT2012 we need 1/6 of the floor space of the house to be windows. Our current plan is about 120m2 so that means about 20m2 of…

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Links for RT2012 compliant wood burners

Useful links for locating RT2012 wood burners Google image search Our preference is for the Artwood Gala as reviews suggest circular stoves are harder to clean!

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Woodburning Stoves

The recommendation for a 120m2 house is a 10kW stove. The stove we need must be one that supports a direct, external air supply - in French it's raccordement air extérieur (directly…

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Enterprise Etude Thermique

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Researching companies that will carry out the Etude Thermique (Thermic Study) for our come and provide us with the certificate of conformity to RT2012 to add to our Permis de…

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