Email sent to Jean Baptiste Thevard

Bonjour Monsieur Jean Baptiste Thevard, J'ai récemment aidé un ami à construire une maison Greb et je prévois de construire une maison Greb à Puivert en France. J'ai le livre…

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Here it is.

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Up until now we've been using this blog as a "bucket" - to capture information, share it between us, and enable us to find it quickly when we need it.…

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Greb wall shear strength

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  • Post Category:Greb " the bracing is ensured on both sides of the wall by a double masonry mortar. Laboratory tests have shown mechanical shear strength well above the requirements of Eurocodes and…

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Find out about Seismic Risk

In France, there is a useful database that you can search to find out about the level of seismic risk for your commune. First choose your region(click the map or…

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Further seismic (sismique) research

Seismic consultant in Pacific Northwest Name: BJ Cure ( structural engineer focused on improving earthquake resilience in the Pacific Northwest ). Can be contacted at His company is…

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Green Energy Suppliers in France

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One of the requirements of RT2012 is that all new builds must include a solar-power element. This can mean investing in micro-generation system for your own land or property, choosing a…

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