Foundation types and construction

Information on types of foundation & construction 3 main types of foundation Slabe on grade videos Stego wrap featured in this video is $454.50 per roll. A roll is 14ft …

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Woodburning Stove Brands

Invicta Don't do any air-tight stoves over 8kw or that take 50cm logs. Bronpi (UK)

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Floor insulation

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A good video on youtube about how to insulate a floor. Insulation a floor ( Poser un plancher isolant thermique) Website to calculate how much 100mm flooring I need.…

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Links for RT2012 compliant wood burners

Useful links for locating RT2012 wood burners Google image search Our preference is for the Artwood Gala as reviews suggest circular stoves are harder to clean!

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Woodburning Stoves

The recommendation for a 120m2 house is a 10kW stove. The stove we need must be one that supports a direct, external air supply - in French it's raccordement air extérieur (directly…

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Soffit is derived from a French word that means “formed as a ceiling” and the Latin term “to fix underneath.” The soffit is the visible part beneath the roof eave’s overhanging section.…

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Enterprise Etude Thermique

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Researching companies that will carry out the Etude Thermique (Thermic Study) for our come and provide us with the certificate of conformity to RT2012 to add to our Permis de…

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